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Newport Beach Business Attorney Guiding Clients with Business Law Counsel

Representing U.S. and foreign companies in business law matters

At the Law Offices of Richard J. Schwarzstein, we have assisted numerous businesses fulfill their domestic and international ventures. We provide legal advisement for media companies and manufacturers, developers and distributors of technology, developers of medical and industrial products and providers of various services. Whether for an international distributor or manufacturer that needs legal protections, a start-up company in need of contract drafting, or a lone artistic individual looking to safeguard their creative works, we offer the same perceptive guidance and advocacy that has earned us outstanding client retention.

Discerning business law counsel in trademark, international business, mergers and acquisitions, sports and nonprofit laws

Experienced and innovative, the Law Offices of Richard J. Schwarzstein offers small to medium-sized companies the comprehensive legal resources they need to meet their ever-growing business goals. We have assisted numerous startup companies in their organizational phase and existing companies in their expansion phase.

For clients in the U.S or overseas — including Europe, Asia and South America — we promptly and diligently counsel on business law matters including:

  • Trademarks: Intellectual property (IP) laws protect creative groups by defending their rights over current IP, and by promoting a legal safe harbor for new creations. Attorney Richard J. Schwarzstein protects against susceptibility to infringement and maintains brand identity with services that encompass trademarks, copyrights and nondisclosure agreements.
  • International business: Representing U.S. and foreign companies in international agreements, Richard J. Schwarzstein provides legally sound and diplomatic counsel on ways to minimize future disputes on complicated transactions, IP asset management, importing and exporting and any other international business concerns our clients face.
  • Sports law: With a multisport concentration and multifaceted knowledge of sports issues, we offer perceptive guidance on business deals, athlete litigation, league formations, contract drafting, sports authorities, trademarks and more to local and global corporations alike. Richard J. Schwarzstein serves on governing bodies of surfing and other extreme or traditional sports organizations.
  • Nonprofit law: From determining conflicts of interests and aligning legal documents to current bylaws, to filing the new Form 990 and obtaining the proper insurance coverage, Richard J. Schwarzstein applies his pervasive knowledge of nonprofit laws to assist art, musical, cultural and various 501(c)(3) institutions with regulation compliance, tax exemption and more.
  • Mergers and acquisitions: Savvy in the complexities of business law, attorney Richard J. Schwarzstein leaves no stone unturned when conducting due diligence reviews, preparing or reviewing nondisclosure agreements, letters of intent, asset and stock purchase agreements, and all other documents required to structure an asset or stock purchase transaction.

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Whether you need us to draft a simple and accessible sports contract or facilitate a complicated international merger, call the Law Offices of Richard J. Schwarzstein at 949-751-6680 or contact us online to schedule a consultation with an experienced business law attorney.

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