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Newport Beach Attorney Providing International Business Counsel

Representing domestic and foreign corporations in a wide range of business matters

The Law Offices of Richard J. Schwarzstein has developed substantial experience in international business law matters. We have represented numerous domestic and foreign businesses in the international distribution of their products, licensing of technologies and protection of intellectual property (IP) as well as establishment of joint ventures in the United States, Europe, Asia and South America. From drafting contracts to facilitating mergers and acquisitions, business attorney Richard J. Schwarzstein ensures smooth execution of global agreements to maximize opportunities. Mr. Schwarzstein was named one of the “top international attorneys in the State of California” by the Los Angeles Bar Journal in 1990,and is the long time chairman of the International Law Section of the Orange County Bar Association.

California attorney with a keen understanding of cultural differences

Counseling clients in international business matters requires an understanding of the business cultures of the countries involved. International business attorney Richard J. Schwarzstein deftly navigates any cultural differences to put small- to large-sized companies on common ground. The result is strong and lasting relationships between media companies, medical and industrial product manufacturers, high-tech developers and distributors and other service providers. No matter how matters diverge from western convention, Mr. Schwarzstein provides legally sound and diplomatic counsel on relatively simple and  complicated transactions, IP asset management and any other international business concerns that may arise.

A knowledgeable business lawyer establishing strong international partnerships

In addition to providing discerning legal counsel on business entity formation, imports and exports, international financing, international collections and a wide variety of related processes, Newport Beach business attorney Richard J. Schwarzstein handles:

  • International contract drafting: To pave the way for successful business partnerships across international borders, it’s absolutely vital to draft thorough contracts with strong legal backing. We draft contracts for procurement agreements, software licensing, joint ventures and more.
  • Joint venture agreements: It’s important when establishing a joint venture agreement to determine and safeguard the equity of all parties’ contributions. We outline the scope of the venture and keep you apprised of any potential conflicts or complexities.

Benefit from the worldwide experience of a reputable business law advocate

At the Law Offices of Richard J. Schwarzstein, we’re committed to helping your overseas ventures expand and flourish in a legally sound environment — whether your business is located in Newport Beach, CA or a country abroad. Call us at 949-751-6680 or contact us online to schedule a consultation.

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