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Nonprofit Business Law Attorney Representing Clients in Newport Beach and Abroad

A passionate business lawyer with extensive experience advising nonprofits from formation to expansion

Complexities and regulations have turned the nonprofit landscape into a legal minefield. At the Law Offices of Richard J. Schwarzstein, we navigate the complexities of local and international business law to draft contracts, obtain and maintain tax exemptions, solve formation issues and establish trademarks for a variety of 501(c)(3) and nonprofit organizations. Whether we’re advising a newly founded arts organization or a well-established educational institution, we offer nonprofits the solutions they need to enact positive change in Newport Beach, across the country and around the world. Practical, affordable and always insightful, we guide nonprofit organizations from establishment to expansion — and beyond.

Sensible guidance and community involvement by an established nonprofit attorney in Newport Beach, CA

When it comes to establishing and maintaining a nonprofit organization, there are many issues to consider — with more and more every year as regulations tighten. From determining conflicts of interest and aligning legal documents to current bylaws, to filing the new Form 990 and obtaining the proper insurance coverage, it’s crucial to seek the guidance of an experienced nonprofit law attorney. In addition to his thorough knowledge of nonprofit laws, attorney Richard J. Schwarzstein has spent many years developing strong rapport with local and international organizations, including serving on governing bodies of local extreme and traditional sports, art, musical and cultural institutions.

Proficient nonprofit services for enacting positive change

In addition to providing discerning legal counsel on issues such as mergers, risk management, grant-making processes and dissolutions, we assist nonprofit patrons, board directors and trustees alike in business law matters including:

  • Drafting contracts: Legally sound and thorough contracts can reduce uncertainty and the potential for lawsuits years down the line. Business attorney Richard J. Schwarzstein has extensive experience reviewing existing contracts and drafting comprehensive new ones.
  • Protecting intellectual property (IP): You must protect your organization’s intellectual property to avoid infringement claims. Whether you need to register a simple logo or copyright written materials, we advise you on these often-overlooked issues.
  • Preventing personnel problems: Whether you’re hiring new employees or training your current staff, your nonprofit must adopt sound personnel policies to avoid the harsh litigation that so many organizations face. We build sound strategies to prevent personnel issues.
  • Reviewing nonprofit bylaws: We thoroughly review articles, bylaws and governance practices for consistency with current California law. This can shield your organization from Internal Revenue Service and media scrutiny, and ensures your personnel are less susceptible to liability, if a claim is made.

Get the powerful guidance your nonprofit needs to grow and evolve

With ever-changing business laws and government regulations, the nonprofit environment of today may drastically differ from that of tomorrow. Call the Law Offices of Richard J. Schwarzstein at 949-751-6680 or contact us online to work with a Newport Beach firm that stays on the cutting edge of nonprofit law — boosting your organization’s potential for lasting change.

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