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Newport Beach Business Lawyer Well Versed in Trademark Laws

Trusted business law advisor protecting your intellectual property (IP)

At the Law Offices of Richard J. Schwarzstein, we’ve spent many years protecting the IP rights of inventors, designers, developers and artists from infringement. Whether for an international medical equipment distributor in possession of numerous IP rights, a startup media company in need of contract drafting, or a lone artistic individual, we offer perceptive guidance and advocacy including trademark registration, cease and desist letters and, should the need arise, collaboration with litigators in State or Federal Court.

Business law attorney defending the creative works of clients

Intellectual property (IP) refers to a broad range of original works, from screenplays to inventions, software to branding taglines. The business laws concerned with IP protect the owners of these creations by defending their rights over current intellectual property and promoting a legal safe harbor for new creation development. Newport Beach business attorney Richard J. Schwarzstein has an astute knowledge of trademark laws to mitigate susceptibility to infringement and maintain brand identity.

Proficient understanding of intellectual property laws

Attorney Richard J. Schwarzstein has assisted numerous startup companies and established corporations with contract drafting, trademark prosecution and any IP counsel that protects their products or creative works.

Whether your business distributes high-tech industrial products or you’re a self-employed inventor — in Newport, CA or a country abroad — we, in association with a worldwide network of IP attorneys, offer assistance for matters including:

  • Trademarks: In the global online market and social media space — and especially in online advertising — businesses are highly susceptible to trademark infringement. We offer insightful advice that helps clients choose the copy and visual elements that best represent their products while protecting against infringement allegations. We assist with domain names, Google Adword campaigns, product branding and other vital IP concerns.
  • Copyrights: When filing for copyrights for your expressive works, it’s important to understand that such rights protect the execution of ideas and not the ideas themselves. In addition, fully encompassing “international copyrights” do not exist, and thus copyright protection is mainly determined at the national level. Attorney Schwarzstein has the experience and expertise to successfully navigate copyright laws for clients in California, the greater United States and even abroad.
  • Nondisclosure agreements: Designed to protect an employer’s trade secrets, nondisclosure agreements must be drawn to take into account the needs of employer and employees and the requirements of applicable laws. Thus, whether you’re an employee or an employer, located in Newport Beach or New Zealand, the Law Offices of Richard J. Schwarzstein can protect your rights or company trade secrets.

Protect your IP with an established business law attorney

A competitor’s attempt to steal your IP can feel like a personal attack on your creativity and your livelihood. Call the Law Offices of Richard J. Schwarzstein at 949-751-6680 or contact us online to protect your original works or products and establish lasting brand identity.

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